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I41 Brokerage was founded in 2023 to provide legal guidance as pertains perfection of titles, conveyancing, advertising, and other real estate advisory services in Western Nigeria. We hope to effectively ensure that clients (both individuals and corporations) avoid eventualities that can threaten their acquisition or ownership of real-estate.

With hands-on experience in the real-estate market gained from working at top legal firms in Nigeria and utilizing our favorable Government affiliations, we are building a business where clients trust us to manage the intricacies of their real estate transactions, utilizing the broad scope of our legal and commercial knowledge to provide them with counsel that translates into successful outcomes.

In simpler words, at i41 Brokerage, our singular focus is to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges as it pertains to real estate, whilst relieving them of the stress that is synonymous with the process.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide top-notch legal advisory and real estate consultancy and marketing services in Nigeria.

Our vision is to be a leading property conveyance provider across all real estate verticals; creating valued service for transgenerational impact.

Our Values


We implement transparency, and focus on the provision of outstanding customer service, eliminating any blindspots and keeping customers in the loop every step of the way.


We are committed to excellence and ensuring the highest professional standards are adhered to, striving for continuous improvement to deliver the best service as capable.


We have developed a business model that emphasizes you, the client at the center of our decisions, demystifying the process and providing clarity to help you make informed decisions.


Given our personalized value-centered service, we make sure that our expertise is priced in such a way that anyone can access our services, and our clients get value back for money spent.

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Our Services

Emily Rodriguez
Sales Manager
Michael Johnson
William Brown
Senior Real Estate Agent
Samantha Lee
Administrative Assistant

Are you a developer ?

Discover our array of tailored services designed exclusively for developers like you. Explore how we can support your projects with an extensive range of real estate solutions.

Our Services To Developers Include:

Architectural Partnerships:

Collaborating with architects or architectural firms to provide design expertise, creative input, and planning support for development projects.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services:

We partner with cleaning companies to offer post-construction cleaning and ongoing maintenance services for developed properties, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Permitting Assistance and Regulatory Guidance:

Providing comprehensive support in obtaining necessary permits, navigating zoning laws, and ensuring compliance with local regulations throughout the development process.

Sales and Marketing Support:

Assisting in marketing strategies and sales efforts for developed properties.

Property Management

Handling property management aspects post-development.

Partner with us to unlock a seamless, hassle-free journey toward your development aspirations."

"Are you seeking personalized real estate solutions?

At our firm, we cater to individuals like you, providing an array of tailored services to meet your unique needs. Explore a diverse range of offerings designed specifically for you, from property scouting to investment advice and comprehensive market analysis.

Our Services To Individuals Include:

Property Search and Acquisition:

Assisting in finding homes, apartments, or investment properties aligned with individual preferences and budget.

Market Analysis and Valuation:

Providing insights into market trends, property values, and investment potential.

Financial Guidance:

Offering advice on  financial planning for real estate investments.

Property Management:

Overseeing rental properties, handling tenant concerns, and ensuring property maintenance.

Sales and Purchase Assistance:

Guiding individuals through the entire buying or selling process, ensuring a smooth transaction

Legal and Regulatory Support: Navigating legal aspects such as contracts, agreements, and compliance with local real estate laws.

Partner with us to unlock a world of possibilities and find your perfect real estate fit, tailored exclusively for your preferences and aspirations.".


We conduct extensive market research, generate accurate and current market data (including property prices, rental prices and regulatory information) and due diligence to identify properties with strong potential for profitability and security. We provide personalized recommendations, and insights tailored to each client's goals and risk tolerance. We ensure that investors have a clear understanding of the investment process, legal requirements, potential risks, and expected returns. We work with reputable real estate developers, agencies, and professionals in Nigeria to ensure that investors have access to reliable and trustworthy partners throughout the investment process.

After sale support:

We provide after-sale support to our clients even after the investment is made. Our team assists with rental income generation, property management, and market updates, ensuring that investors can maximize their returns and navigate any challenges that may arise.

Legal Conveyancing and Preliminary Due Diligence:

Through our relationships with legal professionals, estate surveyors and government personnel we are able to carry out extensive preliminary due diligence on properties we advertise to sell, or buy for clients, to ensure that the properties are bought with good title.

Approvals, Permits and Perfection of Title:

Through our relationship with government officials, consultants and experts, we provide advisory and consultancy support to clients who wish to register and perfect their newly acquired titles, receive industry relevant permits and merit backed approvals.